Lanolin for Personal Care and Medicine

Wool wax is a natural substance, designed by nature to soften both skin and wool fibres, and to protect them against adverse weather conditions. The best known uses of refined wool wax products (lanolin and lanolin derivatives) are in medicine, cosmetics and toiletries, which take advantage of these natural protective qualities.

Lanolin in cosmetics

Lanolin’s beneficial effects on the human skin and hair have been known and valued by humans for thousands of years. The natural emollient is absorbed by the skin, restoring its correct moisture balance and softness without impairing natural skin functions. As such, it is an ideal and widely used ingredient for toiletries, personal-care products and medical applications.

Medical applications

Lanolin is widely used in:

  • ointment bases, burns dressings and wound sprays
    • as an emulsifier, stabiliser and emollient
    • to support the wound healing process
    • to deliver active ingredients through the skin (trans-dermal);
  • pigmented medications (e.g. zinc oxide), as a dispersing agent;
  • topical products for cutaneous infections (e.g. acne) and in deodorising toiletries, as an anti-microbial and disinfectant.