Eco-Melter S

Eco-Melter S is an effective and eco-friend sodium formate based solid de-icer for demanding winter conditions.

It can be used on roads, airports, platforms, walkways and most surfaces open to freezing and is active at temperatures down to -15 °C. Due to its irregular granular shape, it will remain where spread. Applied alone Eco-Melter S provides a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions. It can also be used pre-wetted in combination with liquid Eco-Melter L to obtain a rapid initial de-icing effect. For more precise information please use technical and material safety data sheets.


Eco Melter L

Eco Melter L is designed to obtain maximum friction and thereby safe take-off and landing.

Eco Melter L is a liquid de-icing agent based on 50 % potassium formate and can be used with all standard airport spraying equipment.

It is ideal as a precautionary agent in the face of severe weather conditions. The product will prevent a bond between the surface and the ice, making it easier to remove the ice by mechanical means.